That’s Life

Alarm chimes for what seems like forever
my wife kicks me explaining I always
set it too early and she wants to sleep.  She frowns
and I find myself stumbling to the mirror.  I smile
wanting to find the path that will satisfy
looking for inspiration, and hoping for a spark


To life Alexa sparks
I wonder about decisions made forever
Kurt Cobain sings and I’m satisfied
unlike the pain those affected will feel always
I love 90s music I think with a smile
but then I think of Kurt’s fate with a frown


My phone beeps to tell me today I’ll wear a frown
combing my hair and starting the razor with a spark
can I find a way to wear the mask with the smile?
preparing my face for masks that aren’t forever
I brush it off and move on like always
Decision made, but these days do not satisfy


I’m told now is the place and no other will satisfy
looking at the mask with the frown
I feel tired and it seems to go on always
and the inspiration hits!  hey there’s the spark!
masks don’t control me – I hope I remember that forever
I select the mask, and I chose the smile


I will happily wear the mask with the smile
I’m in control, and I feel satisfied
my transaction with my environment is my choice forever
the motivator tells me I CHOOSE to frown
and he inspires me.  He speaks with flare and spark
I want people to remember me like that always


trying to convince ourselves doesn’t work always
I put down the mask with the smile
feeling the shock of another spark
The choice may not be happy, but I’m satisfied
I put on the mask with the frown
It’s OK as long as it is not forever


Another day in a progression seemingly forever
I hate this mask with a frown
But it is needed to appreciate the smile, and in eternity find satisfaction.

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